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Bold, Essential, Natural & Sexy – Shaving Creams from RazorMD

It’s the iconic image of the barber shop shave – a man relaxing with a face full of foam as he awaits the attention of the cut throat razor.

But modern shave experiences are often missing this expected element – as many shaving creams are now created using non-foaming formulas, just like those on sale at Razor MD.

So why is this?

The short answer is that, while traditional soap-based shaving foams may have earned themselves a place in the male grooming hall of fame, they are not necessarily the kindest to your skin.

Some soap-based formulas can strip your skin and beard of essential natural oils that are needed to maintain a healthy balance and ward off potential problems like flaking and beard itch.

Which is why we have worked hard to develop alternatives that allow men to bring home the barber shop shave™ without their complexion having to pay the price.

But don’t fret – modern shaving creams offer all the benefits of a foamy formula without stripping your skin of its natural protection.