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What is Pre Shave Oil?

Pre Shave Oil, or simply Shave Oil, serves as a caring aid for the preparation and implementation of wet shaving. Especially if your skin is a little sensitive, quickly prone to razor burn or also cuts, ingrown hair or other nasty skin irritations such as pimples and blackheads, we would like to recommend shaving oil to you. Pre Shave Oils For Sensitive Skin is not an innovation in men’s cosmetics. It is a classic that men have used many generations before us.

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Best Ingredients For Sensitive Skins

Our Pre Shave Oil Ingredients

We use only the best natural oils for our Pre Shave Oil. It is formulated with Castor oil, Rapeseed oil, Wheat germ oil, Avocado oil and Olive oil.

Castor oil has the special property to penetrate very deeply into the deeper areas of the skin and at the same time to build up healthy skin protection. This property in particular makes it an optimal care product.

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Formulated With The Best Natural Ingredients

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