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Beard Balm vs Beard Oil –  what works for YOUR whiskers?

American Made Beard Care

Ever suffered from beard envy? Seen someone else’s whiskers and wanted them? Then struggled to get the growth you need to recreate the look?

It’s frustrating when what you want is wonderful whiskers but all you seem to be creating is a sub-standard stubble isn’t it? But is there anything you can do?

The answer is…. maybe.

While elements of beard growing capabilities are based solidly in your (unfortunately unchangeable) genetics, there are a number of ways that you can work with your whiskers, supporting solid beard growth and giving you a better chance at achieving the look you aspire to.

Take a look through our blog post and discover 5 ways to feed your beard, and then make sure you come back here to buy our Beard Care Made In USA.


Born In New York – Sold Worldwide – Bring It Home

In a city that never sleeps, it’s not easy to look fresh. A good old-fashioned wet shave is a good start. Already Frank Sinatra knew “If You Can Shave It There – You Can Shave It Everywhere!”

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