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Custom Shave Oil

Welcome to the Lab – create your own custom shave oil formula. Just follow the steps. That’s no rocket-science! 

Just one thing in advance:
We group the different oils to facilitate their combination for a formula. The grouping is based on the specific fatty acid patterns. The fatty acid pattern basically determines the properties of the oil: e.g. protective, nourishing, regenerating etc. pp. Our goal is a wide range of fatty acids, in which oleic, linoleic and palmitic acids form the basis and linolenic acids complete the recipes.

We have a suggestion for you but feel free to change everything…

If you are not sure what you are doing here… take a look into our Guide.

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Pick a Name for Your Oil:
We offer a range of different formula complexities. The more oils we combine, the more we can achieve different effects. What do you want?
It makes sense to use cosmetics with a high proportion of oxidatively susceptible, native oils with basic lipids such as Stabilize jojoba. This extends the shelf life and enables formulas that are sensible and irritant to the skin.
Oleic acid dominated - oxidatively quite stable - protective, slightly to strongly moisturizing
Oleic acid dominated - oxidatively quite stable - please choose one more:
Oils with balanced proportions of oleic / linoleic acid - extremely nourishing, barrier-protecting
Active ingredient oils are characterized by high proportions of polyunsaturated, sometimes rare fatty acids, which are very unstable oxidatively, but cosmetically have intensively regenerating and activating properties.
Linoleic acid dominated - barrier promoting and regenerating
Alpha linoleic oils - Strong cell regenerating, cell activating
Gamma-linolenic oils - anti-inflammatory, barrier-restructuring and Oils with special fatty acids and ingredients - Strong cell regenerating, cell activating, wound healing
Choose one More Active Ingredient Oil, please.
Head or Top notes are fresh fragrance notes that evaporate quickly. The first thing you notice in a mixture is these fragrances, but they also evaporate relatively quickly.
Heart or Middle notes are mostly floral, soft notes. These fragrance notes stick and linger longer.
Base notes are heavy fragrance notes and adhere and stay the longest. Fragrances of the base note are used sparingly in mixtures, because they usually smell rather intensely.
These are a perfumes with a wide - all round range of fragrances.
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