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Looking for DIY Natural Oil Mixture but don’t want to become a Cosmetics Nerd? Therefore you want the highest Quality Handmade Beard Oil with Ingredients you choose? However don’t want to build a lab at home? Are you further sick of cheap chemicals and products that don’t work for you? So you have reached your destination!

Just a few questions...

What kind of oil are you looking for?

... and we come up with a formula

You tell us your pain and as a result we come up with an oil mixture that really will help you. In other words it’s easy as pizza delivery: For example kick out oils you don’t like or add some more if you want. In addition choose the fragrance you and your girl like most or have it unscented.

Awesome Vanilla Cognac Scent

Handmade with highest quality natural Oils

Only the best quality natural oils are used for your individual formula. Most importantly your Oil will be handmade just for you. We have decades of experience in shaving and grooming so we certainly know what really counts.

Likewise we offer the best natural oils like Jojoba, Argan or Safflower. Add some of the most luxury oils available like Cacay, Rose Hip or Pomegranate. For instance complete your individual oil with classics like Hemp Seed, Almond or Castor. To clarify you can choose from more than 20 different natural oils.

Against Irritation

Individually Scented Oils

Moreover have your personal fragrance. It is so easy: just choose from a wide range of essential and perfume oils and combine your individual scent. Above all don’t get worried about the details of mixing it together. Our Lab will handle that for you.

For example go sweet with vanilla, lemon fresh or spicy black pepper with our large selection of scents.

Want to dive deeper into the knowledge?

Firstly learn more about our natural oils or how to choose the best fragrances.

Start from scratch or customize our classics

all a man needs

Sharp As Fuck Shaving

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If there was a 10 start I’d give it. When I found Razor MD Brooklyn instantly knew that this was the premium beard care I needed for my daily shaving routine.

RX Pro Series icon

Cannot recommend this Grooming highly enough. Get the Rx Shave Series. Use it and all your dreams will come true.

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I’ve been searching for a good beard oil for a long time. This is definitely the one! For a fair price it does a lot of things! Just wow.

Marketing Manager
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The Natural Shave Cream is more than powerful. It is amazing.Thanks for putting so much effort to create this stuff.

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The Fiber makes my hair look beautifully structured and smells awesome – although the price is not cheap, it’s more than fair for this level of quality.

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