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Oil Variants

There are a lot of different oils, the effects on your skin and hair vary greatly, but they complement each other perfectly. There are a few things to consider when combining the oils for your own perfect formula. The first thing to clarify is what you want to use the oil for. We differentiate between 3 variants: Shave Oil, Beard Oil and Face Oil.

Shave Oil

Shave oil, also known as pre-shave oil, serves as a nourishing aid for preparing and performing the wet shave. Especially if your skin is a little sensitive, quickly prone to razor burn or also cuts, ingrown hair or other nasty skin irritations such as pimples and blackheads, we would like to recommend shaving oil to you.

Shaving oil is not an innovation for men’s cosmetics. It is a classic that men have used many generations before us.

Above all, the excellent care properties, the ease of movement, the avoidance of skin irritation and the fact that it mostly consists of purely natural ingredients make shaving oil more than an alternative or supplement to shaving soap, foam and co.

Especially after shaving your beard, shaving oil lays on the whiskers and straightens them without swelling the skin. The result is a more thorough and less stressful shave and the nourishing active ingredients strengthen the skin even before the shave.

The blade literally slides over your skin like a film. This is due to the special consistency of the oils it contains, which put a protective and lubricating film on your skin.

The razor blade lies closer to the skin and it can pack the hair much deeper. It gently pulls it up so that the blade above can perfectly grasp the whisker.

Another advantage is the transparent texture of the oils. So you can see exactly where you need to start, especially when shaving the contours. A not insignificant advantage over the foam alternatives.

What oils are in it?

The sliding properties of the oil are of central importance. Because the higher the smoother the razor blade can run over the skin, which prevents injuries and skin irritation.

Jojoba oil is the classic at all, because the oil provides moisture and softens the beard. This makes it easier to remove the single whisker.

Avocado oil supports the skin with its regenerating properties, preserves skin moisture and creates a well-cared for, smooth skin feeling.

Argan oil protects the skin from drying out, improves its moisture retention, makes the skin soft, smooth and supple, prevents skin aging.

Sesame oil promotes blood circulation, cell regeneration and skin regeneration. It absorbs well and leaves a gently protective film.

Almond oil is very well tolerated, irritation-free and greases the skin extremely effectively.

Castor oil is often used because it has good sliding properties. Castor oil also contains undecylenic acid, which is said to have a fungicidal effect.

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Beard Oil

With all the joy that a beautiful beard brings, the mane brings with it its problems. The ravages of time, weather conditions and other everyday influences gnaw at the facial hair. A lack of care tends to show unsightly side effects: annoying itching, dry, scaly skin, brittle, barely tame beard hair.

The bearded man swears by beard oil so that it doesn’t get that far. The stuff can help with almost any problem that grows and thrives on your own facial hedge. In addition to a pleasant smell, it gives your whisker a light shine and also has a nourishing effect on facial hair and skin.

The increasing overgrowth of your face with whiskers brings with it an ever decreasing UV light permeability. This favors the development of dandruff, fungal growth and other skin irritations.

In addition, the body’s own fat layer, which usually covers the skin like a protective film, is now more likely to be distributed in the whiskers. This gradually dries out the skin and can lead to dry, itchy flaking.

The increasingly drier skin also deprives your whiskers of the basis for optimal hydration and nutrient supply. This can result in brittle, lackluster hair or split ends. Beard oil counteracts all of this. An oil film is placed under the whiskers over the skin and provides it with sufficient moisture.

The essential oils have an antiseptic effect and thus prevent unpleasant skin irritation and fungal infections of the skin. The hair is also supplied with valuable ingredients from both outside and inside, which ensure more vitality and durability.

On the one hand, the hair follicles absorb moisture and nutrients through the skin, on the other hand, the oil applied directly to the hair also has an external effect on the hair structure and has an extremely nourishing effect.

The noticeably better hair quality that you can achieve with the use of beard oil makes your beard styling much easier. The beard is much smoother and more malleable, and also looks more powerful and healthier.

Beard Care

Face Oil

A good facial oil has almost endless positive properties. It moisturizes, gives elasticity, works against pimples and fills wrinkles. It is simply the natural alternative to many other products.

Facial oils leave a delicate and nourished skin feeling. They also help to maintain a healthy barrier function and thus protect the skin from moisture loss and environmental influences.

Not only dry skin benefits from these properties, sensitive skin or even skin prone to blemishes can be treated with the stuff. Thanks to their lipophilic properties, the plant-based active ingredients are introduced into the skin without attacking the skin barrier.

Most facial oils are a mixture of vegetable oils, such as almond or argan oil. These natural ingredients are great for treating certain skin needs and problems properly.