Why don’t shaving creams foam anymore?

It’s the iconic image of the barber shop shave – a man relaxing with a face full of foam as he awaits the attention of the cut throat razor.

But modern shave experiences are often missing this expected element – as many shaving creams are now created using non-foaming formulas, just like those on sale at Razor MD.

So why is this?

The short answer is that, while traditional soap-based shaving foams may have earned themselves a place in the male grooming hall of fame, they are not necessarily the kindest to your skin.

Some soap-based formulas can strip your skin and beard of essential natural oils that are needed to maintain a healthy balance and ward off potential problems like flaking and beard itch.

Which is why we have worked hard to develop alternatives that allow men to bring home the barber shop shavewithout their complexion having to pay the price.

But don’t fret – modern shaving creams offer all the benefits of a foamy formula without stripping your skin of its natural protection.

Traditional shaving without the foam

If you are looking for the quintessential shaving experience there are a number of ways to create that retro barber shop feel that inspired our forbears as they created their formulas in the basement of a Brooklyn drug store (yes, that’s where the Razor MD story started!)

While a traditional barber shop shave would have included a full-face foamy lather, these days you can achieve the same results using a combination of old and new.

Why not apply a pre-shave oil before applying a hot towel to help prepare skin and soften whiskers for a smoother, gentler shave experience.

You don’t even need to miss out on the traditional badger bristle brush, as all our non-foaming creams can be applied using this time honoured method. In fact, the brush helps to lift and coat whiskers ready for the razor. (However, if you prefer to skip this step our shaving creams can also be applied in circular motions with the fingertips, for an easy, organic approach that gets great results.)

Shaving Cream or Shaving Foam?

It’s likely that whoever first taught you to shave did so using a shaving foam, putting this product at the heart of your own shaving ritual, but now you know better, you can do better for your skin.

Choose from our range of non-soap based shaving creams – which are available unscented for those who wish to continue to use a signature after shave scent, or with the earthy aroma of essential sandalwood for those keen to neaten and freshen in one simple step.

Perhaps you could even pass this essential grooming info onto your own grooming mentors and help them bring home the barber shop shave in a way that truly supports their skin – for great results every time –helping to create new rituals that honour the old guard.


Razor MD Shaving Creams are non-foaming formulas