What difference does a shaving brush make?

They can look like an anachronism in the modern bathroom can’t they? A piece of equipment from a bygone era, not strictly necessary in the world of modern grooming.

But, in fact, shaving brushes remain a central part of the savvy shaver’s tool kit – and here’s why…

Great Design Shaving Brushes

Shaving brushes haven’t changed a huge amount since they first emerged onto the personal preening scene in 18th Century France, because that original design was perfect for the intended use.

Fashioned with fine hairs from the belly of a badger and originally named for that animal (blaireau is the French word for badger), shaving brushes serve a vital role in the shaving process helping to create the perfect conditions for the closest shave.

When you use a shaving brush to apply a shaving foam or (more skin-friendly) shaving cream you do three things:

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  1. Lift whiskers: the swirling motion of a shaving brush, coupled with the dense but gentle badger bristles helps to ensure that each and every whisker is lifted away from the skin, placing it in the perfect position to be caught and cut by the razor as you shave
  2. Coat stubble and skin: applying your shaving preparation with a brush lets you fully coat both your face and your whiskers with your chosen product before they meet the blade. This helps to improve razor glide and reduces stubble snagging that can be a cause of nicks and cuts.
  3. Exfoliate: the dense bristles are helpful in lifting and shifting the dead skin cells that can otherwise build up on the skin surface leading to problems such as blocked pores and ingrown hairs.

So you see – there’s a reason why this time honoured invention has held its place in the pantheon of shaving products for so long – the design is perfect for the job, and gentlemen across the ages have reaped the benefits of choosing the brush.

Choosing a Shaving Brush

Convinced? Want to bring a shaving brush into your own grooming ritual? Then it’s time to decide what type of product you need.

There are a couple of elements to take into account when choosing your weapon:

Shaving Brush Bristles

While modern technology has meant that there are now brushes with synthetic bristles on the market, the original badger hair remains the brush of choice for the discerning consumer. Badger hair is soft but effective and its animal origin helps to ensure it dries well after use.

Badger hair comes in four grades:BK360 shave brush

  • Pure Badger – entry grade
  • Best Badger – superior grade
  • Super Badger – elite grade
  • Silvertip Badger – exclusive grade

Prices vary according to the grade and design chosen – but all badger bristles are usually considered superior to the alternatives on the market.

Shaving Brush Handles

Shaving brush handles come in a range of designs, and materials. Moulded ergonomically for ease of use, modern brushes often boast a resin or metal handle to protect against the water damage that can afflict traditional wooden designs.  Travel shaving brushes may offer a collapsible handle/case to help protect the brush and prevent water leakage in transit.

Using a Shaving Brush

Once you have selected your preferred design it’s time to give it a try – devotees of the shaving brush claim that the tool reintroduces relaxation into this otherwise tiresome ritual, and we are pretty sure that once you brush you won’t go back!

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