Travels with a beard: The Razor MD guide to taking your whiskers away

If you’ve taken the time to grow yourself a beautiful beard, then the chances are you have grown pretty fond of your facial fuzz, and are unlikely to want to ditch it just because you are heading away from home.

But how easy is it to travel with a beard? Are there any drawbacks to having a beard on holiday? And how can you care for your beard when travelling?

Here we take a look at a few of the issues around bearded travels, as well as some solutions to common problems that beard wearers can face when they are away.

Beards and passport photos

Does your passport photo feature a younger, smoother, beard-free you? Are you concerned that your beard will be an issue at customs? According to our research growing (or indeed shaving) facial hair should not have an impact on your ability to pass through checkpoints as long as your face remains recognisable.

If you feel you look significantly different to your existing passport photo and are concerned that it could impede your travels you may wish to contact the passport office for advice before you set off.

Beards and weather

Heading somewhere hot? There are a number of factors to consider when it comes to whether you want to keep wearing those whiskers.

    • SUN PROTECTION: Beards can offer some protection against the suns harmful rays (one study found beards block  between 50 and 95 per cent of UV rays, although other studies show that finer growth and longer beards which are more prone to parting may offer less protection  – meaning sunscreen should  always be considered) The rest of your face will also need adequate protection, both for health reasons and to avoid drastic tan lines should you subsequently decide to shave!


    • BEARD ITCH: Heat can exacerbate beard irritation – the dreaded beard itch may become more of a problem in hot weather. If you are planning to take your whiskers somewhere warm, make sure you are well prepared for this eventuality, and carry a beard oil or beard balm with soothing ingredients such as jojoba and aloe


    • SWIMMING WITH FACIAL HAIR: If you are planning a holiday with lots of beach or pool time, remember that pool and salt water, combined with sun exposure could have an adverse effect on beard condition. Ensure that you are carrying the proper beard conditioning products to keep your whiskers looking great throughout your break.


Beard care on the go

If you want to keep your beard Insta-ready throughout your travels, it’s important to be prepared for proper beard care on your break.

Stock up on your favourite beard conditioning products before you travel to ensure a consistency of beard care, and don’t forget to pack the necessary grooming tools to keep that bad boy looking great on the go (…just remember scissors must be in checked baggage and not carry on to avoid any awkward airport security moments!)

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