The lost art of the great shave (…and how to find it again.) 

Achieving the perfect shave can have a profound effect not only on the way you look, but also on the way you feel.

Back in the day, when men would periodically pay for a professional shave to ensure they stayed looking dapper, barber shop customers would emerge beneath the striped candy-cane colours of the barbers pole with a spring in their step, feeling refreshed, revitalised and ready to take on the world.

The combination of pre-shave treatments, professional quality blades and post-shave care left them looking and feeling fantastic.

But, with the advent of disposable razors and conveniently canned shaving foams, this little ritual that hardworking men had carved out as an acceptable way of taking time for themselves began to die a death, denying generations of whisker growers of the opportunity to experience the gentle joy of a great shave.

Here at Razor MD we understand the importance of grooming in presenting your best face to the world – a cornerstone of the ethos of our founder Scott’s family business, Saltzman Pharmacies, a drugstore chain that served New Yorkers throughout the 20th Century.

Since the early days of trading the Saltzman men recognised the importance of a good shave and wanted to make sure it remained both accessible and affordable, even to those who struggled to justify regular trips to the barbers shop.

The Razor MD range is based on the family recipes dreamed up in the basement of their Brooklyn store, using natural ingredients to achieve amazing results, all with the aim of allowing image conscious, but time-poor men to bring home the barber shop shave™.

And now you can too! Check out our great formula for achieving barber shop results at home and get a professional -style shave that will leave you looking and feeling fantastic!

How to bring home the barber shop shave: 

1: Pre-Shave Prep: Before even attempting to shave, your face needs to be prepared. We recommend massaging in a pre-shave oil using circular motions to free and lift whiskers ready for the razor. For an authentic barber shop feel you may also wish to apply a hot towel at this stage to further soften and prepare bristles.

2: Apply Shaving Cream: While soap based-formulas were popular back in the day, our research has created non-foaming shaving creams that offer amazing barber shop results with less risk of drying sensitive skin. For a traditional feel apply with a shave brush that will help lift whiskers and ensure skin is well coated for improved razor glide. Alternatively, apply shaving cream in circular motions with fingertips ensuring that each hair is approached from all angles.

3: Shave Once : Our razors are all compatible with top-end multi-blade heads, that reduce the need for the multiple passes you might see in a professional wet shave, helping you the achieve the same results in less time while minimising the risk of unsightly razor burn.

4: Splash and Cool: Rinse shaving cream residue from your face and splash with cold water or apply a cool towel to tighten visible pores and restrict the blood vessels responsible for post-shave redness.

5: Post-Shave Soothing: Apply one of our post-shave lotions liberally to face and neck to enjoy the soothing effects of aloe, while moisturising Shea butter works to keep clean-shaven skin in tip-top condition.


That’s it – you’ve brought home the barber shop shave – enjoy.*

(*…donning a Trilby and doing a heel click as you leave the house optional!)


(Top image credit Jesse Nandra via Flickr under license)