Why don’t shaving creams foam anymore?

It’s the iconic image of the barber shop shave – a man relaxing with a face full of foam as he awaits the attention of the cut throat razor. But modern shave experiences are often missing this expected element – as many shaving creams are now created using non-foaming formulas, just like those on sale at Razor MD. So why is this? The short answer is that, while traditional soap-based shaving foams may have earned themselves a place in the male grooming hall of fame, they are not necessarily the kindest to your skin. Some soap-based formulas can strip your Read More

What difference does a shaving brush make?

They can look like an anachronism in the modern bathroom can’t they? A piece of equipment from a bygone era, not strictly necessary in the world of modern grooming. But, in fact, shaving brushes remain a central part of the savvy shaver’s tool kit – and here’s why… Great Design Shaving Brushes Shaving brushes haven’t changed a huge amount since they first emerged onto the personal preening scene in 18th Century France, because that original design was perfect for the intended use. Fashioned with fine hairs from the belly of a badger and originally named for that animal (blaireau is Read More

The lost art of the great shave (…and how to find it again.) 

Achieving the perfect shave can have a profound effect not only on the way you look, but also on the way you feel. Back in the day, when men would periodically pay for a professional shave to ensure they stayed looking dapper, barber shop customers would emerge beneath the striped candy-cane colours of the barbers pole with a spring in their step, feeling refreshed, revitalised and ready to take on the world. The combination of pre-shave treatments, professional quality blades and post-shave care left them looking and feeling fantastic. But, with the advent of disposable razors and conveniently canned shaving Read More