How charity whiskers are changing the face of modern manhood

It’s that time of year again, you can’t go outside without the evidence of it assaulting you from all sides… no, we don’t mean the approaching festive season – we mean charity whisker time!

At the time of posting, across the UK, men are taking part in the Decembeard initiative, growing beards to help raise funds for, and awareness of, the charity Bowel Cancer UK.

And while these game souls’ chins sport the straggly two-weeks-in evidence of their commitment to a cause, proud graduates of the Movember programme (which encourages the growth of moustaches to support men’s health projects) are still wandering the streets gleefully twisting the waxed ends of the charity whiskers they have fallen far too deeply in love with to ever return to the razor!

It’s a phenomenon that is bringing more and more men over to the world of facial hair – helping to fuel the rise in popularity of both beards and moustaches with the modern man – so just how are charity whiskers changing the face of modern manhood?

The fashion genius of philanthropic facial hair

Charity beard and moustache growth initiatives have gifted  image-conscious 21st century men with a safe space where facial hair can be tried on without the need for further justification. The nature of the initiative frees you from the sting of ridicule that might materialise should you attempt a new style of your own accord at another time.

After all, you are doing it for a good cause, and anyone who dares mock you so mercilessly that you cave and shave would be taking away from a great cause – the perfect disincentive to whisker dissing!

Charity initiatives allow experimentation

Participants in Movember and Decembeard are free  to try something a little different – there is kudos to be collected in sharing progress pictures of dramatic image changes  on your social channels and friends will hopefully reward your efforts by digging deep.

This provides those with a yen for an exciting new style an opportunity to give it a go, knowing that if it doesn’t work out they can simply mow the moustache or banish the beard at the end of the month and chalk it up to having been all in aid of a good cause – no one will ever have to know you’d been secretly coveting ‘the cowboy’ or had the urge for ‘an imperial’ for years, they’ll just think you were being a good sport.

It could be a keeper

Of course, all the freedom that joining a recognised whisker growing affords may mean you chance upon the perfect whisker look to complement your style – meaning the fresh-faced former you could be permanently retired in favour of an exciting new bewhiskered appearance.