Beard Oil – Grow Boost Formula

Growing A Beard

Beard growth is innate. I have a buddy who had a full beard at 13. I’m halfway through my life and I still don’t have a full beard. That is just the thing with the genes. But you don’t have to give in right away if your beard doesn’t grow like you want it to. You can adjust your diet, as we have already explained in another blog. Essential fatty acids like the Omega-3s found in oily fish and a selection of seeds, vitamins C, vitamin B7 etc pp. But that’s not all.

Looking for the best beard growth oil

A good beard oil can also create conditions for better beard growth. As with so many problems with the beloved beard, e.g. the itching, one must seize the problem with the root. And that lies, precisely, in your skin. Take care of your facial skin and you will push your beard growth at the same time. There are of course many possibilities, but which oils are particularly suitable for beard growth we look at times more closely.

Which Natural Oils help beard growth?


As I mentioned earlier, jojoba is always the one for me. Whether your beard itches, you have dry skin or just your beard growth needs support. Jojoba regulates that. It is strictly speaking not an oil, in fact a liquid wax, but perhaps just therefore the Mercedes among the oils. May also not be missing in my Beard Booster formula.

Jojoba grows as an evergreen, richly branched shrub, with a height of up to 4 meters. Native to Mexico, California and the Sonoran Desert. In natural environments, the shrubs can live up to 200 years. The seeds of the plant contain a liquid extracted by cold pressing. 


Not only delicious in salads or on pizza. No but also the cracker as far as the caring effect is concerned and also very helpful to boost the growth of your beard. Avocado oil is packed with essential fatty acids and vitamins. Exactly what you need to have for optimal beard growth conditions.

The avocado is a species of plant in the laurel family. The fruit is a berry from a botanical point of view. The tree originated in the warm and humid tropical rainforests of Mexico and Central America. There, the fruit has been used for about 10,000 years. The oil is obtained by cold pressing the pulp.


Also the almond not only appreciate by the gourmets among us, also your beard growth gets help. That is because Omega-9 oleic acid and vitamin E are to be found in almond oil and just very supportive on the way, when it comes to beard growth.

The almond tree is a cultivated plant with a history that goes back more than 4000 years. Already the people of antiquity appreciated the precious vegetable oil. That it provides in the form of sweet almond oil for a well-groomed skin, already knew Cleopatra. The beautiful queen of Egypt allegedly enjoyed regular baths with the plant oil to keep her skin soft and beautiful. The oil is pressed, extracted and refined from the ripe almond kernels of the sweet almond tree.


An absolute classic among the natural care oils. It contains about 40% oleic acid (omega 9), 35% linoleic acid (omega 6) and vitamin E. So it not only cares for skin and hair, no it also gives your beard growth a boost.

The Argan oil is an edible oil, which is won from the seed platelets of the ripe berry fruit of the Arganbaums by pressing. The areas of the Arganeraie, exclusively in the southwest of Morocco, was explained in the year 1998 by the UNESCO to the biosphere reservation. Moroccans use the unroasted argan oil to treat skin diseases and use it for beauty care of skin and hair. Argan oil produced from unroasted seeds has also become popular in the international cosmetics industry since the 1980s.

Grape Seed

Where grapes come from is no big secret. But that the oil can help you grow your beard might be. When you look at the composition of Grape Seed Oil, it’s no wonder. It is packed with essential polyunsaturated fatty acids, vitamins C, D and E and beta-carotene and about 60% linoleic acid (omega-6). Your beard can’t help but grow.

Wheat Germ / Natural Vitamin E

Last but not least, vitamin E oil is added to my growth mix. Not quite as tasty and healthy as avocado but not only satiating but also a blast in terms of helping beard growth. The blood circulation-promoting effect of the wheat germ oil causes a better supply of the skin capillaries and promotes the metabolic process.

Wheat is one of the oldest cultivated plants in the history of mankind and is second only to corn in the order of the most cultivated cereals, followed by rice. 

Through breeding, this cereal, which is more demanding in its cultivation and probably originated in Persia, is now at home on all continents. This vitamin E is derived from plant material that is naturally rich in d-alpha-tocopherol.

So we have a very cool mixture to create the optimal conditions for beard growth. If you want to kick it up a notch, you can add Cacay and/or Pomegranate oil. The two superstars among the care oils are not to be found for nothing in the luxury cosmetics articles of this world.

Can Essential Oils help to grow your beard?

Sure. Essential Oils have, besides the fragrance, a lot of positive effects on skin and hair. But these guys can not only help against pimples and inflammation. Some essential oils also help your beard grow. If you want to know which ones, here’s a selection: Cedar, Peppermint, Lavender, Rosemary and Tea Tree.

What is the best beard growth oil formula?

  • Jojoba – 9 ml
  • Almond – 9 ml
  • Argan – 6 ml
  • Wheat Germ / Vitamin E – 3 ml
  • Avocado – 1.5 ml
  • Grape Seed – 1.5 ml
  • Rosemary – 6 Drops
  • Lavender – 6 Drops
  • Cedar – 6 Drops

You can mix the formula at home or order it directly here and refine it, if you want to add Cacay oil for example. Learn how to make your custom beard oil in our beard oil lab.