How do I create a personal fragrance with essential oils?

What you need to consider when combining essential oils for your individual scent? Creating your customized scent with essential oils is a simple thing. We’ll show you how it’s done. One thing first: everyone smells differently and everyone smells something different. What you find pleasant, someone else may find unpleasant. This is not just a feeling, but has been proven in scientific studies. Where one person smells cat pee, another has chocolate cake in his nose. Sounds strange, but that’s how it is. combining essential oils for individual scent Everyone has his own preferences when it comes to fragrance. And Read More

What do you need for a beard oil formula?

You want to build your own beard oil – shaving oil – facial oil or whatever? But you don’t know what’s needed for a beard oil formula? Nothing is more beautiful than to say goodbye to the mass products of the cosmetics industry. Put together your own care product from ingredients that you need for your own needs. Ingredients that your skin and beard hair tolerate well. Best of all, rounded off with an individual scent. Nothing easier than that… with a little know-how.  Which oils have which effect, we have already shown in the past in our blog and Read More

Cacay – The best grooming oil ever! No less than that.

Cacay is in my opinion simply the best grooming oil. It is one of the latest discoveries in natural skin care. There are good reasons why many manufacturers use it in their luxury cosmetics. Cacay is a light oil that you can use very sparingly for optimal results. To clarify it is moisturizing, nourishing, quickly absorbed and is suitable for all skin types – even sensitive skin. more vitamins than any other Cacay oil contains about 1 percent natural vitamin A. It easily beats rose hip oil with this numbers. The oil well-known so far as one of the best natural Vitamin A sources Read More

Shave Oil – Classic Grooming

Shaving oil is not a new invention from the laboratories of men’s cosmetic manufacturers. It is a classic that men of many generations before us have used. Shave oil, also known as Pre Shave Oil, serves as a caring aid for preparing and performing a wet shave. Especially if your skin is a little sensitive. Are you prone to razor burn or cuts, ingrown hairs or other nasty skin irritations like pimples and blackheads? Then you should definitely use shaving oil. Why you should use Shaving Oil Especially the excellent care properties, the ease of use, the avoidance of skin Read More

Beard Oil – Grow Boost Formula

Growing A Beard Beard growth is innate. I have a buddy who had a full beard at 13. I’m halfway through my life and I still don’t have a full beard. That is just the thing with the genes. But you don’t have to give in right away if your beard doesn’t grow like you want it to. You can adjust your diet, as we have already explained in another blog. Essential fatty acids like the Omega-3s found in oily fish and a selection of seeds, vitamins C, vitamin B7 etc pp. But that’s not all. Looking for the best Read More

What is the best beard oil formula?

Well… “What is the best beard oil formula?” – No one can tell. Everyone has different wishes and needs. This is quite obvious when it comes to fragrance. The market offers an infinite number of different variants for every taste. Tobacco, vanilla, musk, sandalwood, lemon… there is nothing that does not exist. But what the real purpose of a beard oil is, namely the care of your magnificent beard and skin, plays – for me – the much greater role. How useful is the best fragrance, if the care effect is unsatisfactory. You might as well put a perfume in Read More

beard oil? why again?

Contrary to what the name suggests, a beard oil does not only care for your beard. Above all it cares for the skin under your beard hair. It helps against drying out of the skin, itching and last but not least the stench – with the finest scent compositions you can imagine. On top of that it gives the beard hair shine… Why I use Beard Oil! With all the pleasure a beautiful beard brings, the mane also brings its problems. As I said, annoying itching, dry, flaky skin, brittle, hardly tameable beard hair. To prevent this from happening, the Read More

Jojoba Oil – the must have oil

Beard Oil with Jojoba – yes, please Jojoba Oil is simply fantastic. That is why I use it in every one of my oil blends. Whether for a shave oil, beard oil or face oil. It is always there. This has several good reasons: Jojoba Oil – Period! 1. Jojoba gives an oil mixture the necessary stability. This prolongs the durability and enables skin-physiologically sensible and irritation-free formulas. Jojoba is wonderfully light and yet deeply nourishing. And on top of that it doesn’t even clog your pores. 2. It cares for skin and hair equally. And is also suitable for Read More

How charity whiskers are changing the face of modern manhood

It’s that time of year again, you can’t go outside without the evidence of it assaulting you from all sides… no, we don’t mean the approaching festive season – we mean charity whisker time! At the time of posting, across the UK, men are taking part in the Decembeard initiative, growing beards to help raise funds for, and awareness of, the charity Bowel Cancer UK. And while these game souls’ chins sport the straggly two-weeks-in evidence of their commitment to a cause, proud graduates of the Movember programme (which encourages the growth of moustaches to support men’s health projects) are Read More

Why don’t shaving creams foam anymore?

It’s the iconic image of the barber shop shave – a man relaxing with a face full of foam as he awaits the attention of the cut throat razor. But modern shave experiences are often missing this expected element – as many shaving creams are now created using non-foaming formulas, just like those on sale at Razor MD. So why is this? The short answer is that, while traditional soap-based shaving foams may have earned themselves a place in the male grooming hall of fame, they are not necessarily the kindest to your skin. Some soap-based formulas can strip your Read More