Behind The Scenes

Make Your own Beard Oil

Quality in Production

Of course we adhere to the so-called GMP standards. Thus we guarantee you the highest possible production quality.

We stand in the tradition of Razor MD est. 1979… see story here

Quality of the Ingredients

We obtain our goods from selected retailers exclusively in the highest organic quality. We do not use cheap substitutes from the chemical laboratory. You get only that, I repeat, only that in your oil, what you select. We do not add anything. We promise. If you order Argan oil, you will get 100% Argan oil and no blend of a lot of chemicals with a touch of Argan.

The Formulation Process

We do not want to bore you with details when ordering. We want you to choose what you want in your oil Mixture. We will take care of the rest. How does it work? We translate your selection into a formula that takes into account the different properties of the oils. We always need at least one stabilizing and one nourishing component. Depending on whether you add additional active ingredient oils and how many oils are combined in total, we calculate a reasonable mixing ratio. We are not interested in choosing the cheapest option to increase our profit. Our aim is to get the best possible effect. Basically, the more oils you combine, the wider the effect of the interaction of the different properties. The respective proportions are logically lower in percentage.

The Fragrance Mixture

Besides the Formulation Process of the base oils you can create your own fragrance by selecting essential and/or perfume oils. Again, we do not want to bore you with details and technical refinements. Tell us what you want and we will take care of it. 

Of course, we can’t know which scent you have in mind. But what we can do is derive a mixture from your selection that meets the current standards. The point here is to find the right balance between head, heart and base notes.